Plans for building new coal-fired energy blocks in Ostrołęka power plant had to be suspended, as the Management Board announced today at the press conference. Could it be understood as a declaration about not taking part in the Nowa Kompania Węglowa project?

It is now three years since building of new block in Ostrołęka was started and then suddenly stopped for the financial reasons. Every now and then both Ministry of Treasury and Energa MB were rising the topic of building new block, but every time the plans were postponed. Today, vice-chairman of the Management Board, Jolanta Szydłowska stated once again, that project would not be revived.

Although Energa buys coal for Ostrołęka power plant in LZW based LW Bogdanka mine, this statement could be read as a signal for the MoT, that Energa would not need more coal for its facilities and therefore would not take part in the Nowa Kompania Węglowa. Earlier this week Energa CEO Andrzej Tarsa stated once again, that involvement in NKW does not match with Energa’s financial strategy and the company has still not decided to join the project. Not to make any hasty decisions, Energa is using advisory of independent advisors and will announce their final decision next week. Most likely, the company is waiting for the final result of a struggle between MoT and Tauron over Brzeszcze mine.