No changes in the Management Board of Tauron after the Supervisory Board meeting on Tuesday. Breakthrough of the negotiations with Ministry of Treasury over acquisition of Brzeszcze mine? Probably not. From the source close to MoT: there will be no spectacular reshuffling either in Tauron nor PGE and the whole fuss was just a smokescreen for public opinion.

According to Karolina Baca-Pogorzelska, nobody at any point actually wanted to call off any members of Management Boards in Tauron and PGE. The recent reports about conflict between Ministry and energy groups reveals, that it was all just a game, that in the end was suppose to show that governmental party tried to hard to save Silesian coal mining giant, but the power sector refused to help. The current Kompania Węglowa’s financial liquidity allows them to maintain reasonably stable activities till October, so the KW’s problems will be an issue to solve for the new government.

Meanwhile, some reports indicates, that Katowicki Holding Węglowy will be acquired by Enea. Both KHW and Enea stayed rather in the background of the turmoil over Kompania Węglowa and there were only some rumors about Poznań-based energy producer taking over ZEC Katowice (heat plant) owned by KHW. Now it seems that quietly, without making any fuss the main client of KHW will become its parent company.