Jack the Ripper had 5 confirmed kills, so is the famous San Francisco killer The Zodiac. Another American serial murderer, Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted for killing 17 people. All three names causes the same level of fear as the Mines Restructuring Company (SRK), which after 15 years of „restructure” is responsible for liquidation more than 100,000 jobs in the coal production sector.

When SRK was established in 2000, its name was probably bringing hope for better tomorrow. In the pitiful condition that the mining sector was back then the word “restructure” sounded promising and many linked it with other processes like: reorganization, reengineering, increasing effectiveness etc. After few years everyone already knew, that when government decides to start restructuring any part of the industry, soon it will lead to termination of the companies and people loosing their jobs. Today, not even SRK is hiding its true intentions. On their official website you can find information about its activities, which are:

  1. Liquidation of mines, that already shut down production,
  2. Managing assets of liquidated mines,
  3. Creating new jobs based on the assets of liquidated mines.

Very active at the beginning, SRK lost its impetus in 2009, when the good situation on the coal market increased production and all mines were running on all cylinders. In the same year SRK took over its sister company Bytomska SRK, best known for its major debts to a number of companies that were managing housing projects in Bytom, inhabited mainly by miners. Between 2001 and 2006 BSRK was collecting money from the inhabitants, but did not forwarded it to these companies, which at the end led to 10-15 million PLN of debt in 2006. Another scandal with housing projects owned by SRK was revealed few months ago, when media informed that son of SRK’s CEO received positive decision about housing allocation just after couple days from the application submission. Regular miners have to wait often even few months for such decision.

Another infamous practice of the mines liquidator is connected with hiring law firms for complex legal consulting. In 2011 law firm from Bytom won the tender for 4-year legal consultancy service, which cost SRK almost 3 million PLN (more than 60,000 PLN per month). In November last year tender for legal services in SRK’s subsidiary managing housing projects was won by law firm connected with the above mentioned one, and again the amount was suspiciously large (more than 2.5 million PLN).

Just this year SRK took over 4 mines in GZW. Apart from Brzeszcze, over which there is still a fight between Tauron and Ministry of Treasury, the other three (Kazimierz-Juliusz, Makoszowy and Centrum) already know what future is written for them. Confucius said, that “mending the state should begin with mending the terms. It is about the time to rename SRK to “Mines Liquidation Company”.