Busy days in Mines Restructuring Company (SRK), which received three offers for Brzeszcze mine. One for sure was submitted by Tauron, the two others will be officially revealed on Monday. Relation between Tauron and Brzeszcze is a long story, but just this week there were some rumors about another energy group interested in taking over one of SRK’s mines.

In recent weeks many commentators speculated who will try to acquire Brzeszcze. Apart from Tauron, which interest was obvious for at least few months now, some experts were pointing at Czech EPH (owner of private-owned, well-performing mine PG Silesia) and Synthos. The last one actually sounds reasonable, since the company is buying annually 400,000 tonnes of coal and its facility is connected with Brzeszcze mine by pipeline, which delivers methane to Synthos production equipment.

Rumors about Synthos being interested in Brzeszcze caused a wave of discontent among the mine’s labor unions, which are terrified of possible privatization. Their statement is clear: either the mine will be moved to one of energy groups (state-owned, with tonnes of cash in reserves), or otherwise they would rather rot under the SRK’s roof.

Half an hour after opening the offers for Brzeszcze, some commentators received an unofficial information that Czech EPH after all decided not to take part in the tender and that the 3rd offer was submitted by Węglokoks. This news is rather surprising, taking into consideration the fact that Węglokoks is the main entity involved in Nowa Kompania Węglowa Project and for weeks now many experts were pointing out that NKW’s success can be achieved only if Brzeszcze mine will be taken away from the jigsaw puzzle.

In the meantime media announced that PGE is interested in buying from SRK another former KW’s black ship – Makoszowy mine. PGE quickly denied its interests and explained that there was only a courtesy meeting between PGE’s managers and representatives of Makoszowy labor unions (the meeting was their idea) and so far PGE hasn’t been considering acquisition of any SRK’s mines.