“So simple it is hard to believe, but too complicated to explain how it works” – these words by Joanna Mucha, PO’s campaign spokesman are being a subject of jokes for couple days now (the same J. Mucha who wanted – as a Minister of Sport – to solve the problems of 3rd ice hockey league in only two-division PLH). We are told to believe, that Platforma Obywatelska at the moment is very occupied with establishing Nowa Kompania Węglowa, but still they found some time to mention Polish energy industry in their programme. Unfortunately, reading through it brings to mind only one thing – new PO’s road map for Polish energy sector is again contaminated with logic by J. Mucha.

Last weeks politicians forgot about the energy sector for a moment and focused more on the Polish taxation system and immigrants storming EU gates, causing one of the largest humanitarian crisis in recent decades. Platforma Obywatelska was the only entity commenting briefly its plans towards power production industry.

In the published declaration, PO states that Polish energy mix should be based on the domestic fuels. Incumbent party wants to keep investing in steam and brown coal based power production. On the other hand, PO wants to increase cooperation within the European Energy Union. Sounds interesting, but also inconsistently, since EU concept for Energy Union is based on further decarbonisation of European power production.

PO wants also to increase power production based on natural gas and nuclear energy. Its plans to build first Polish nuclear power plant until 2024 (the strategy introduced by PO-PSL government at the beginning of 2014) consists of major involvement from state owned energy groups, which at moment are not keen to invest neither in nuclear nor even new coal based energy blocks.