A musician and dark horse of the last presidential election – Paweł Kukiz declared that his social movement Kukiz’15 will file a lawsuit against the government led by Ewa Kopacz, since it did not managed to fulfill the promises given to the miners on January. The statement was a reaction to the last week’s decision of MSP (Ministry of Treasury) to move Kompania Węglowa to TF Silesia.

Kukiz’15 officials feels, that this action was just a PR trick, that would help PO persevere to the election coming in three weeks. They also stated, that their plan for healing the industry consists of limiting taxation on coal production and some other changes in mining laws. The movement wants also (rather naively) to convince European Union to join in the process of rescuing Polish hard coal mining industry.

Another non-mainstream party, Nowoczesna.pl also revealed its plans towards Polish coal production industry. According to Ryszard Petru (Nowoczesna’s leader) government should liquidate the benefits for miners (but only for the ones starting their career in the industry) and limit the power of labor unions. Petru is also convinced that full privatization and removing State’s Treasury from the decision making process in the sector would help Polish coal producers.

Last but not least – Ruch Autonomii Śląska (Silesian Autonomy Movement) – presented its comprehensive programme for Polish mining sector, which includes some rational ideas like increasing a share of performance bonus in the miners salary structure (which is at the moment at a rather poor level – both share and performance). On the other hand, RAŚ insists on shipping more coal to Ukraine, which due to the war in the east had to shut down more than 2/3 of its coal mines. RAŚ experts forgot only that Ukraine needs a coal of a different parameters (that is why they buy it now mainly from Russia) and also most probably Ukrainians won’t be able to pay for it straight away (like with the gas import).