Polish coal traders are very important element of Polish export. When in 2009 Poland exported 8.7 million tons of steam and coking coal, brokers (mainly Węglokoks) were responsible for more than 85% of all cargos leaving the country (6.9 million tons).

In 2012, according to the document called List of Coal Entities Brokers created by Ministry of Finance, there were more than 1700 companies that declared “import of coal products”. If added to that list companies that are trading coal bought only from the Polish producers, that number would increase significantly. Domestic trade in Poland is diversified taking into consideration size of the companies and directions of purchases and sales.

Among large traders there are two companies that are not possible to classify into any group. Polish Węglokoks for more than half of a century was an exporter of coal produced in Polish mines. In recent years, due to the decreased demand for Polish coal on the markets explored by Węglokoks and many turmoils on the domestic market, company decided to increase its involvement in Poland. In 2014 its subsidiary – Węglokoks Kraj – officially started its operations on the Polish market. Also, parent company to secure its coal reserves (and because of some informal political pressure) is investing money in acquiring coal production facilities from Polish producers.

EDF Paliwa (formerly Energokrak) is a Kraków based subsidiary of EDF Polska and its main task is coal sales. Since parent company is a coal consumer from an electricity production industry, it can buy coal on large quantities for lower prices. Also, the company is supported with deliveries from ARA ports by EDF Trading, major international trader from parent country France. All that creates very comfortable situation for EDF Paliwa to operate on the Polish market and make the company very competitive comparing to other traders.