Tuesday’s TV debate between the leaders of all parties is still the hottest event discussed by Polish media. Although it is hard to name one winner of the television-clash, some commentators decided to promote a 36-year-old marxist Adrian Zandberg from Razem, who stood out from the other political veterans… mostly with his student’s outfit. And ginger beard.

By some already called a new messiah of Polish leftists, Zandberg did not managed to make one memorable statement during the debate. The same goes for the party’s programme, which in the part dedicated to coal producers and energy sector states only a few empty phrases abouth the government, which should help the miners maintaining their jobs or finding new ones, and some claptrap on renewables. The whole strategy for mining and power industries covers only 20 lines. Unsurprising, taking into consideration the fact that on their official website candidates from Razem are all bragging about their incompetence and inability to find a good job.

KORWIN, party led by other distinctive character from the debate Janusz Korwin-Mikke is more specific on what should be done in the coal mining and energy production fields. The party wants to privatize the energy sector, but not to a foreign investor. The same goes for the coal producers, though in this case KORWIN is not as rigorous on the subject owner’s origin. The party is also into liquidation or significant limitation of taxes on coal mining (the same was announced two weeks ago by Beata Szydło from PiS), but in this area the statement is inconsistent, because in the next paragraph party’s programme mentions “common tax on minerals”.