“When emotions will finally fall, like dust after a battle” – sang in 1990s Polish rock band Perfect. Dust fell and now it is almost absolutely certain that PiS not only won the election, but also managed to gather majority, necessary to push through almost every legislation. Let’s check what were they promising on the field of energy & coal markets.

The main change that will be introduced by PiS is creating the Ministry of Energy, which will be responsible for energy groups, coal producers and companies from other fuels sectors (Orlen, PGNiG). Till now these entities were govern by the Ministry of Treasury (MSP), but influenced also by the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Environment. PiS is convinced, that the privatization process can be considered as “done”, so there is no reasonable explanation to keep the separate department that takes care of State’s Treasury.

During the whole campaign, PiS was highlighting the role of Polish coal production as a guarantee of domestic energy safety. The development of the sector was also suppose to be a security for employment of thousands of people in the industrial Silesia. These two subjects were so important for PiS, that they promised further subsidies for energy and coal sectors.

When it comes to the environmental issues, PiS announced renegotiation of Climate and Energy Package in the area of quick decarbonization. On the other hand, they were supporting clean coal technologies, which would be accepted by EU, but also will cement the position of coal in Polish energy mix.

Piotr Naimski is the strongest candidate to take the position of Minister of Energy. Taking into consideration the situation in Silesian coal production, the new government will keep the position held at the moment by Wojciech Kowalczyk, who most probably will be replaced by Grzegorz Tobiszowski. In last few weeks Tobiszowski was responsible for finding a solution to the problems of Polish coal market alongside with the labor unions which supported PiS.