Trying to classify Polish traders, the first group would be formed by the local trading representatives of major coal producers from CIS countries and Czech Republic, supplying Polish market with coal from their own mines.

In 2011 the leading coal importer in Poland with 23% of share in total coal import was KTK Polska, subsidiary of Russian Kuzbasskaja Topliwnaja Kompania (OAO KTK). For them, Poland is one of the key markets, since in recent years the company was sending here around 45% of all their coal deliveries. Another major player on the market is SUEK Polska, company representing the largest Russian coal producer OAO SUEK. Annually, SUEK Polska is importing to Poland around 2.5 million tons of coal. Both KTK Polska and SUEK Polska are headquartered in Gdańsk (due to the perfect location for coal trade: close to rail terminals on the eastern Poland and Polish ports) and both has their terminals located all over Poland (KTK has 11 terminals, SUEK – 15).

Quite active few years ago, reduced its operation in recent times (because of changing freight tariffs in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) EDW Polska is a Polish representative of Shubarkol Komir JSC, Kazakhstan’s largest coal producer. OKD, the only coal producer in Czech Republic does not have a Polish subsidiary (although in 2014 there were plans of opening local office in Gdańsk), but the company runs an active sales in southern Poland. In 2012 import from Czech Republic accounted for 11% of total hard coal import to Poland.

Another group contains of large coal importers without their own production base abroad, importing annually 1 million tons of coal and more. Among them, there are companies that sales this coal directly to the consumers by taking part in the tenders (Barter, Krex, Energo, Hanseatic, Polbrand) and some are involved only in shipping the coal to Poland and then sell it to the other traders (Bulk Trading).

Yet another group is formed of medium and small coal traders, importing to Poland around 100,000 to 500,000 tons of coal per year. Their main market are smaller heat&power plants, industrial consumers, but also retail customers. The most active ones are i.a.: Lachowicz Energy Partner, Bartex, Coal Trade, Bialchem Group.

Apart from these groups, there are numerous companies that are involved in coal trade in Poland, but their source base are only Polish mines, which narrows their area of operations due to the geographical limits. Some of them are Authorized Dealers of certain Polish producers (e.g. SAM-BUD-ROL), others are running just a small time operations which allows them to take part only in the rather small tenders for deliveries to industrial consumers.