Between January and September 2015 Poland produced 52.2 million tons of hard coal, which was 1.47 million tons less than in the same period year over year. Steam coal production decreased by 5.2% YOY and coking coal production increased by 9.5% YOY. By the end of the year level of hard coal production will reach a level of 69-70 million tons (in 2014 – 72.5 million tons).


Aggressive sales strategy Polish producers did not succeed, resulting only in a slight decrease of the amount of coal stocked on the piles (6.2 million tons by September 2015, against 8.2 million tons in December 2014).


A+B balance resources of coal located in the working facilities accounted for 3.39 billion tons, which at the current level of consumption will last for another 45 years.