Mariusz Zawisza, CEO of PGNiG denied involvement of his company in saving Polish coal mining sector, since his company is not specialized in this industry and coal as a fuel competes with natural gas, their core business. Company’s subsidiary, PGNiG TERMIKA which is a major supplier of electricity (50%) and heat (70%) to Warsaw is using annually around 3 million tons of coal, which is almost 100% in the fuel mix of their heat&power plants. By 2021 company plans to reduce that number by 45%, in favor to gas and biomass.

On Thursday Kompania Węglowa’s Management Board met up with the labor unions to discuss the security of salaries. According to the unions informants, KW has the money to cover the payments for November and December, but not for the St. Barbara’s Day bonus. The day after, unions leaders announced that if until 17th November KW would not guarantee them to pay all the allowances (as it was promised in the agreement made in January) the miners will go on strike.