Announced one week ago as a Minister of Energy and designated yesterday for the position, Krzysztof Tchórzewski was a big surprise for many political and market commentators. Since September all the media had a hot tip that Piotr Naimski will be appointed for the job and the advent of Tchórzewski on the list of new ministers was almost as shocking as nomination widely criticized Antoni Macierewicz for the head of Ministry of Defense.

The first rumors about some changes in the prefigured cabinet appeared in the first days of November. Some experts pointed out, that Naimski’s knowledge concentrates more around natural gas sector, and since coal mining industry is in more emerging situation, the new PM Beata Szydło should look for some alternative with more coal-oriented experience. Yet, taking into consideration these hints, designation of Tchórzewski also could be thought-provoking, since his career revolves mainly in the subjects of infrastructure, transport and for a short period – nuclear energy. The background of this decision could be simple: lack of “chemistry” between Szydło and Naimski. Also, Tchórzewski is a meritorious member of Porozumienie Centrum (PiS predecessor) and trusted associate of the party’s ruling body.

Following the line of election promises, Tchórzewski highlights the importance of coal in the Polish fuels mix as a guarantee of domestic energy security. Still, his first job will be establishing the Ministry of Energy itself, as the whole idea is brand new and so far Tchórzewski was appointed to be minister without portfolio. The legal aspect of the subject will require a few changes in the Administration Structures Act of 1997, which does not provide possibility of creation this particular ministry.