A week ago we wrote a few words about new Minister of Energy. Today little more about his court and other top dogs responsible for coal mining and energy industries in Beata Szydło’s government. Let’s start with… the people that we’re already familiar with.

Taking into consideration the fact that Krzysztof Tchórzewski, the head of Ministry of Energy (ME) does not have any clue (or at least: many clues) how to throw a life jacket to the drowning Kompania Węglowa, he made a sensible decision and regardless political affinities he kept in the cabinet Wojciech Kowalczyk (deputy minister in Ministry of Treasury, responsible for restructuring the mining industry in the government led by Ewa Kopacz). Since Kowalczyk is now working on the issue for quite some time and probably has many plans and scenarios on how to keep KW alive for the next few months that was a very responsible move, which might save Kompania Węglowa and Tchórzewski’s job in 2016.

As it was predicted long before the election, Grzegorz Tobiszowski will be a deputy minister responsible for mining. For few months now he was working closely with the labor unions, trying to find some interim solutions for sinking KW and other producers.

New deputy minister responsible for energy – Henryk Baranowski – is hardly a political celebrity, but well-recognized expert from the industry (former vice-president of PGE, recently worked in Alstom Power). In contrast to Tchórzewski and others from his “crew”, Baranowski is rather moderate in the criticism towards EU climate policies.

Dawid Jackiewicz replaced Andrzej Czerwiński on the position of Minister of Treasury. Unlike his predecessor, Jackiewicz plans to dismantle his department, moving responsibility for energy and fuels-related companies to the ME and the rest of them to Ministry of Economy.

Piotr Naimski, who was suppose to take Tchórzewski’s job before the nomination on 12th November, was nominated for a chief of parliamentary committee responsible for EU. Unofficially some commentators say that the decision of nominating Tchórzewski instead of him was made after Naimski said in the informal PiS meeting that “some mines will have to be shut down”, which peeved some of the party’s officials. Their anger had to be of enormous size, since hot-tip for head of ME was moved so far away from the energy related issues (for the chief of committee responsible for energy and State’s Treasury was appointed Marek Suski, who unlike Baranowski is a well-known politician with zero experience in the industry).