Since the end of Communism in Poland, employment in the mining sector is decreasing year over a year. In the 1st three quarters of 2015, for the first time in its history, level of employment dropped bellow the magic line of 100,000 employees, which is 4 times less than in the 1989.

In total, after 9 months of 2015 coal industry employed 94,800 people (in 2014 – 103,000 workers). 26 years ago total employment in the mining sector accounted for 415,700 employees.


Employment in Kompania Węglowa dropped YOY by almost 10,000 workers, from 44,290 employees in 2014 to 34,943 in 2015. In Katowicki Holding Węglowy level of 16,335 workers in 2014 dropped to 15,024 in 2015. Situation can be explained by the process of moving some mines to SRK, as well as by the programmes of earlier retirements and voluntarily leaving work with adequate compensation. Just this year, 129 employees from Tauron Wydobycie left their positions by 15th October.