PKP Cargo won a major tender for coal deliveries: between 2016 and 2018 the, Polish largest rail freight company (48% share in the domestic commodity market in 2014) will transport around 12m tons of Silesian coal to PGE’s power plants (i.a. Opole and Dolna Odra in Szczecin). The whole contract is worth almost 300m PLN.

PKP Cargo handles 75% of all coal freight in Poland. Although the situation in the mining industry was rather difficult in last months, after first three quarters of 2015 PKP Cargo recorded 14% increase YOY in handled coal (from 2.8m tkm to 3.2m tkm). The new contract with PGE will require handling 330,000 tons of coal each month (avg. 10 trains per day).

PGE is one of the most important clients for PKP Cargo, but recently the biggest Polish energy producer signed a contract with DB Schenker-CTL Logistics consortium for deliveries of 5.3m tons of coal from Silesian mines to the new energy blocks in Opole power plant.