COP21 started on Monday in Paris. Polish delegation went there with an intent to reach a new consensus on climate policy, which will take into consideration socioeconomic environment in developing countries and already achieved reduction of GHG emissions (in regards to the Kyoto protocol, Poland committed to reduce the emissions by 6% until 2012 and managed to reach a spectacular result of reduction by 30%, while recording constant economic growth).

Further postponing of  deadline for JSW to restructure its debt. According to the new agreement, Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa has now time till the end of June 2016, but by 18th December the company has to buy back the bonds for 15m PLN.

Recently we announced that building of a new coal-fired energy block in Kozienice is done in 70%. The other major investment in domestic power production sector – energy blocks in Opole power plant are ready in 27%. Block no. 5 is supposed to be finished in July 2018, and block no. 6 in February 2019.

Wrocław University of Technology together with ECO heat&power plant in Opole are running a project on co-firing steam coal with lignite. The whole study will last till 2017 and its main goal is to find out if process of heat&power production from brown coal combined with steam coal can bring some significant savings to the industry.