October’s indicators from the Industrial Development Agency (ARP) shows that the whole gasping sector is finally catching a breath. Apart from the still falling number of people employed in the sector (98,000 employees in October – around 400 less than a month before), all the other crucial ratings were very optimistic. Just a seasonal trend or did the coal producers managed to push themselves off the bottom of the lake? Or are they juking the stats before cleansing in state-owned companies?

Q4 is a traditional period of increased sales and therefore larger demand has to be followed with increased production. In October sales increased to a level of 7m Mt (0.6m Mt more MOM, 0.18m more YOY) and production to 6.8m Mt (0.7 m Mt more MOM, 0.17m more YOY). Meanwhile the coal piles, which became a household name for the entire crisis in the domestic coal mining sector are further shrinking. Values on the figure bellow expressed in million tons: