Open hunting season on special species: members of Supervisory and Management Boards. First cleansings in Tauron, Enea, Energa. At the beginning of December there were some rumors that despite the natural changes in all State-owned companies, managers from PGE will keep their jobs. Now we know that there is SB meeting scheduled for Tuesday. Should M. Woszczyk start packing?

Seasonal Christmas cleaning started a week ago with whipping outs in Supervisory Boards of Tauron (out: P. Ciach, G. Barszcz, K. Kosińska and J. Zagórowski, in: A. Biesialska, M. Czarnik, A. Mańka and W. Myślecki), Enea (out: M. Macewicz, in: W. Piosik) and Energa (out: W. Kamrat, in: R. Pionkowski).

Shortly after, on Monday CEOs of Energa and Enea (A. Tersa and K. Zamasz) lost their jobs; their duties were taken over by the new members of SB. Alongside with the CEOs, Supervisory Boards called off also Energa’s and Enea’s Corporate VPs: J. Szydłowska and P. Orlof.

The day after almost the entire Tauron’s Management Board was fired, including the new CEO J. Kurella (only 2 months behind the desk), responsible for acquisition of Brzeszcze mine; just a week ago, during St. Barbara Day celebrations he was photographed with PM B. Szydło and some read that as a symbol of mercy over his head. For the newest CEO was appointed R. Nowakowski (recently working in Fortum), who will enter to the MB along with: J. Broda, K. Kamiński and P. Zawistowski.