Previously mentioned PIW, presented as a concept in 2006 was suppose to be an average of all transactional prices, calculated for the one given virtual place of sales in Poland (costs of transportation were excluded from the calculations). To collect input data TGE was planning to reach an agreements with all the key participants on the market: producers, consumers, traders and brokers. No more information were revealed after the above mentioned event in Zakopane and soon the concept was forgotten.

Six years later, TGE announced joining forces with ARP. The company knew that creation of the index would require access to the data that only ARP possess. ARP’s Office in Katowice has its statutory duty to collect from all market participants data about almost every technical and financial operations in their companies (for sake of the governmental public statistics programme “Hard and brown coal mining”, conducted by the Ministry of Economy).

Since 2012 some major traders were complaining on ARP for demanding access to the data so fragile for running their business (especially information about the prices in bilateral contracts). Objections increased when TGE announced that cooperation with ARP would lead to creating the index basing on these information. Traders were questioning the legal aspect of these actions (statistical confidence), but ARP replied, that their concept does not collide with the rules of the Central Statistical Office and the agreement signed between ARP and Ministry of Economy. What is more, ARP was also quoting the Public Statistic Act of 29th July 1995, according to which data collected while conducting public research could not be reused for any other purposes (especially the data concerning financial condition of a company), unless when aggregated the data from a certain company is a part of a data coming from at least three different entities and none of the parts is larger than 3/4 of total aggregation.

30th September 2014 ARP launched the portal polskirynekwę, that was supposed to be the official platform for publishing their index. The day after, a product developed together by TGE and ARP (with the know-how assistance of IGSMiE PAN) was published for the first time on the portal (with the historical data reaching 2011).

The output of TGE and ARP work was called PSCMI (Polish Steam Coal Market Index) and was planned to be a series of consecutive price markers of coal of certain parameters. So far, ARP/TGE is publishing two indices: PSCMI1 (for Polish coal sold to the energy sector) the and PSCMI2 (for Polish coal sold to heat&power producers and other industrial consumers). Authors decided to exclude imported coal from their concept and what is more, during the presentation of PSCMI at the Natural Resources and Energy in Domestic Economy Conference in Zakopane in 2014 they made a comment suggesting that creation of their indices (especially PSCMI2) could hinder the importers business operations in Poland.