The algorithm behind the index is a weighted arithmetic mean of all the transactions completed in the month for which calculations are made. Only two quality parameters were defined as relevant: calorific value and sulphur content. No minimum tonnage was defined, but since ARP collects data only from the industry it could be assumed that min. volume could be around 5,000 tons. The price is expressed in both PLN/t and PLN/GJ and is calculated on the basis of EXW Polish mines. Indices are published monthly (usually at the last business day of the month for which the PSCMI listing is made).

PSCMI1 marker is a weighted mean of all transactional prices of coal of grain size labeled as MII, sold to the energy industry in a certain month. In the table bellow there are listed all parameters of the PSCMI1.


Knowing that smaller industrial consumers like power&heat producers, sugar plants, cement plants, paper plants and others are using coal of slightly higher quality, authors of PSCMI decided that the second separate marker has to be created for them. Moreover, input prices for PSCMI2 calculations would be higher not only because of quality differences, but also the scale of deliveries (much smaller volumes of traded coal, yet again there was no minimum volume defined in the specification). In the table bellow there are listed all parameters of PSCMI2 marker: