Like in the tales shared in the Ancient Greece, in the beginning there was chaos: various powers were split by different offices. Then out of void appeared Piotr Naimski, who wanted to put a stop to this disorder and to gather all the competences related to the power industry into one hand of Superminister of Energy. But just like with the Cronus in Greek Mythology, Naimski was defeated and sentenced to Tartarus, and so his plan was forgotten with him.

Now it seems that Naimski is slowly coming back from the darkness and he will be put in charge of two vitally important companies: PSE (electricity transmission) and Gaz-System (natural gas transportation). For a man who was supposed to divide and rule in the whole sector, but later ruthlessly put in the shade it can be considered as a great comeback. Naimski is well recognized in the gas industry, so making him a government’s plenipotentiary responsible for infrastructure (GPI) will surely be a good call.

But whatever happened to his plan of Ministry of Energy (ME) amassing all the powers? As a quick reminder: during 8 years of PO-PSL reign, the subjects of climate policy, coal mining sector, power production and transmission of gas and electricity were sprayed between Ministry of Economy (MG), Ministry of Treasury (MSP) and Ministry of Environment (MŚ). The plan was to put it all together, but so far new Minister of Energy wasn’t determined to take it, instead making a facetious comment.

Bellow you can find the table elaborated by where you will find how the structure of Polish energy sector will look like in following months. When exactly can we expect moving the supervision over the power producers directly to Krzysztof Tchórzewski? It appears that ME is not in rush…