Indonesian proverb, quoted in the title of this article means “where there is a will, there is a way”. Determined to unscramble domestic power sector, Krzysztof Tchórzewski listed all the major challenges that Ministry of Energy will be facing in following months. In the meantime, he also met with Indonesian Ambassador to discuss possibilities of cooperation in the field of energy production.

As 5th among global coal producers and the largest steam coal exporter, Indonesia operates on the Pacific market so there is not much room for any trading activities, but Tchórzewski hopes for exchange of experiences in the development of new coal-fired power plants and promoting Polish producers of mining equipment on the Indonesian market. Very mean commentator from the energy industry said today that the actual reason behind this meeting was to work out unofficial alliance against anti-coal COP21 resolutions, but someone from Tchórzewski’s staff confused India with Indonesia (the first one was the strongest pro-coal voice in Paris). Never mind.

Among his priorities for ME to take care of, Tchórzewski listed i.a. energy transition security (to avoid blackout threat), Energy Efficiency Act and amending the Renewable Energy Sources Act, but most important for us and most urgent for the Ministry: economic recovery in the mining sector. At this point and in regards to yesterday’s article on NKW/PGG, there is another proverb from another major coal exporter, Russia: “the more quietly you go, the further you’ll get”.