“There are three patients, lying on their beds in emergency room: the European, the South African and the Australian” – starts like a common joke, but there won’t be much laugh. Further decrease of coal prices on the international markets in December, with a glimmer of hope for winter and summer 2016.

European and South African patients were diagnosed with the worst condition: due to rather warm December and anti-coal commotion connected with COP21 in Paris, large drop in prices level on ARA and RB markets was spotted in the first week of December, stabilized in the next 3 weeks.

NEWC prices, which were bellow DES ARA since mid October are still falling slightly, but in December they did not followed rapid drops of the other two markers. In the Polish discussion about reduction of mining industry expenses, Australia should be given as an example: thanks to the consistent policy of costs cuts Australian sector is now able to hibernate during the global coal crisis. Analytics predicts, that “Lucky Country” might soon reclaim the title of top global coal exporter from Indonesia – certainly the luck itself has nothing to do with it.

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