In a few days it should be announced how many coal from the piles disappeared (at least on paper) in December last year. Still, it is more electrifying to get intel on how much coal was bought by Material Reserves Agency (ARM). So far everyone remains tight-lipped on the subject.

The only information smuggled to public was that KHW for sure moved some of its commodity to ARM, but no specific details were disclosed. Silence is the answer from KW, JSW and ARM itself. Grzegorz Tobiszowski (deputy minister responsible for sweeping the Silesian mining mess) claims, that he is not authorized to give any statement, since “data about State’s reserves are confidential because of its strategic value for energy safety”.

Trying to calculate the ARM’s purchasing power (even like a simpleton on an abacus), you will quickly notice, that the Agency does not have enough money to make any significant difference. According to the 2016 budget, ARM will receive revenues at a level of 134m PLN. To cover its expenses, enlarged by the new guidelines, Agency will need additional 28.3m PLN (ARM applied for bank loan at the beginning of January). Even if buying unsold Silesian coal would become the only existence purpose for ARM, it will still be able to buy out (at current prices) just a small part of the “stocked problem”.