Busy schedule in Mining Department of Ministry of Energy in the first days of February. Since Monday, Grzegorz Tobiszowski and Wojciech Kowalczyk have to maneuver between KW’s labor unions and European Commission; both parties have beady eyes on them.

Yesterday Grzegorz Tobiszowski alongside with Krzysztof Sędzikowski had to explain to the employees of Kompania Węglowa, why it is not possible to “transfer them” to Polska Grupa Górnicza with all the privileges they have now in KW. Miners are outraged, because all the working and payments conditions were guaranteed by the agreement signed in July last year, which KW terminated on Thursday. Yesterdays meeting lasted for 4 hours, but no decisions were made. Labor unions are willing to meet again tomorrow, but only if KW’s management will withdraw from agreement’s termination.

In the meantime, Wojciech Kowalczyk has to report in Brussels the progress of establishing Polska Grupa Górnicza and nuances behind moving Brzeszcze mine to Tauron Wydobycie. On the subject of state aid granted to Polish hard coal mining sector, EC might also be interested with the details of transaction between domestic producers and Material Reserves Agency.