Do you think there are many outstanding viable opportunities for investors in Polish coal assets? How successful do you think the government has been so far in restructuring Poland’s coal sector and what more should be done to make the industry sustainable long term? – check out our views on these subjects in an interview with Polishcoaldaily Founder and Editor…

…which will be published in a few days. Meanwhile, we recommend you to take a look at a presentation by Michał Sobel, Sales&Marketing VP of Kompania Węglowa and an interview with Janusz Olszowski, President of Mining Chamber of Industry and Commerce and VP of EURACOAL:

It  is no secret that the Polish coal industry is facing many difficulties at the moment. In your opinion, what would the best first step to improve the situation for Polish coal miners?

Polish coal producers must above all increase the productivity and efficiency of coal production. The first step must consist of the organizational separation of mines with the greatest loss-making mines promising from profitable business in the future. The next step should consist of slowly reducing production in coal mines that have the highest costs until the complete depletion of their reserves. Alongside this, coal production should be increased to the maximum limit in the mines where there is the highest profitability (…) Read all.