Despite all the problems and pleas for rational reducing production, hard coal sector increased in the period of previous three months (Nov’15-Jan’16) the volume of produced commodity by 6% YOY (19.17m Mt on 17.99m Mt). Seems like decreasing demand, growing reserves and insecure future did not blew off the miner’s steam. Is it only a thoughtlessness or juking the productivity stats (production per employee ratio) before publishing final report for last year and first forecasts for 2016?

Small numbers-pushing among the big ones. Largest Polish coal producer (Kompania Węglowa) lost 28% (72% in 2014, 44% in 2015) in share of total hard coal deliveries to the largest domestic power producer (PGE). Still, largest Polish coal exporter (Węglokoks) is holding second place with its 25% of share, so taking into consideration the company’s involvement in KW’s rescue mission it looks like everything stays in the family.

Today’s meeting between Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski and labor unions from KW was postponed for nobody-knows-when, because of “important issues made it impossible to come to Katowice”, as Minister stated in the letter addressed to the unions. Just a few hours before Tchórzewski’s informal predecessor, Andrzej Czerwiński warned him, that he cannot run from Silesian problems, including shutting down some of the mines.