On Monday we wrote about Krzysztof Sedzikowski getting a silver parachute in Supervisory Board of Pfleiderer and a strong possibility of being dismissed from his position as CEO of Kompania Weglowa. The only thing we did not expect was that this divination will come true so soon.

So here it is: Krzysztof Tchorzewski recalled a meeting with KW’s labor unions and shortly after recalled Sedzikowski from his chair. Reticence is ordering us to restrain from any comments so far, but lets be honest – it was inevitable. Unions leaders tries to keep poker-face, but joy is clearly evident. Who’s next? If we move the conflict back on the EU stage, it most probably will be Wojciech Kowalczyk.

Sedzikowski’s seat is now taken by Tomasz Rogala, expert on restructure (and therefore: liquidation). Ship trapped on a sandbank will now take destination on a rocky shore?