Yesterday (24th Mar) Supervisory Board of Bogdanka decided that by the end of March Z. Stopa (CEO), W. Bernaciak (VP of Trade&Logistics), P. Janicki (VP of Finances) and J. Stechly (VP of Purchasing&Investments) will be dismissed from their positions in Management Board, and will be replaced by K. Szlaga (as CEO), S. Misterek (as VP of Finances) and A. Partyka (VP of HR).

Stopa and Bernaciak surely had to go, after announcing of the worst results since the entry into Warsaw Stock Exchange (just like M. Woszczyk from PGE did not so long ago LINK). On the other hand, replacing “Enea people” (Janicki and Stechly) with managers with “LWB origin” (Szlaga, Misterek and Partyka) is rather interesting, but goes well with the statement made few hours before that by Grzegorz Tobiszowski. The new Deputy Minister responsible for Restructure in the Mining Industry (Tobiszowski took the title from Wojciech Kowalczyk due to internal changes in Ministry of Energy) said yesterday, that Katowicki Holding Weglowy will be saved by joined forces of Enea, Weglokoks Kraj and Bogdanka, but in that arrangement LWB will not be in any way combined or integrated with KHW and will keep its independence.