Last week’s comment from Polishcoaldaily Editor for Trybuna Gornicza on current situation in Jastrzebska Spolka Weglowa. Find out what recently happened and what may the next few months bring to the largest coking coal producer in Poland.

Sudden rise in stock value, caused by a few actions: selling heating company SEJ for 371m PLN, long-term agreement for coal deliveries with PGNiG Termika, increasing levels of international coking coal prices, moving Krupinski mine to Mines Restructure Company and finally, upcoming agreement with obliges (PKO BP, BGK and PZU FIZAN).

Keeping in mind that 2,5 months ago the company’s stock value was at a level of 12 PLN, and in January at 8.80 PLN, the recent increase to 30 PLN is quite an achievement.

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