Last Monday Polish MPs decided to increase public aid for Polish coal mining sector from 3 to 7bn PLN in the following years. To those who want to protest that this is outrageous and unacceptable expenditure, please keep in mind that this amount is the exactly the same what the industry transfer to the budget each year in taxes.

Also, the period of this aid will be extended, from 2018 to 2022, because it will be connected mainly with paying the miners leave of absence (one way only; they will not come back to work after that), so in fact the State Treasure will transfer to the sector 1.16 instead of 1.5bn PLN per year.

The only question is, if it won’t be questioned by European Commission (according to EU Decision 787/2010 it is possible to give public aid to hard coal mining sector only until 2018), but minister Tchorzewski is not worried, as he says that “if EC agreed to dispose of people by leave of absence, it should considered that it will take extra 4 years”.

So far 4.4k miners used holidays to quit from their companies. At the moment there are 4.8k additional employees willing to do the same in PGG, 2.8k in JSW and 1.7k in KHW.