Pretty busy with saving Polish coal mining industry recently, Weglokoks finally had some time to go back and re-think their strategy on coal export – the core business of the company. With 3m Mt of hard coal exported in first 8 months of 2016, Weglokoks managed to complete 70% of annual plan and now is convinced, that by the end of the year will export 4m Mt.

In 2017 company plans to export even more – 5.5-6m Mt. The main markets are the ones reachable using rail freight: Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. Apart from that, Weglokoks sends also some volumes to countries in north Africa and Middle East.

In May CEO of Polska Grupa Gornicza Tomasz Rogala decided that his company will no more be involved in coal export using sea freight, because at the current prices the whole enterprise is inviable. Now, with rising coal prices he might change his mind, but if so, he will have to cooperate with other Polish producers (KHW, JSW and Weglokoks), as the new strategy in the sector is now introduced.