Katowicki Holding Weglowy already sold 100% of this year’s production and 2/3 of coal that will be produced next year. Company believes, that with increasing level of international prices, in 2017 sales prices will catch up with production costs (at the moment there is 1 PLN/GJ gap between them).

PGG, where payrolls costs take more that 50% of total costs decided to do a little revolution in that area, starting with simplifying the base of salaries, making them more flexible and make them adjustable to the company’s financial situation.

Two weeks ago in Trybuna Gornicza Polishcoaldaily’s Editor wrote a column on EDF trying to leave Poland. Now PGNiG, PGE, Enea and Energa together made an offer of taking over EDF’s assets, but French company says that they will have no special treatment. Guess they forgot who they are dealing with…