For some time now Ministry of Energy is trying to find a solution to decrease Russian coal export to Poland. As the duty tax is not an option, ME is now looking for some more sophisticated methods to stop the Russians and play along with EU environmental policies.

In August we wrote about Concept of Preferential Allocation (KPA) of coal by Polish Mining Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GIPH) as one reasonable idea among many pointless ones. From September to December, Polishcoaldaily’s Editor worked with one of the largest international consulting company on a report that will refresh the idea and will be more suitable for present day. Unfortunately, the consulting company drop the project, but now it’s back on.

According to what Grzegorz Tobiszowski presented us, ME plans to introduce a special tax on imported coal from countries that do not follow EU climate policies, which hurts Russia the most (67% of 8.2m Mt of hard coal imported to Poland in 2015 came from there).

More on the subject will soon be commented by Polishcoaldaily’s Editor for Centre of Analysis of the Jagiellonian Club.