Polska Grupa Gornicza was planning to record 2bn PLN of profit in 2017. Meanwhile, things are not going so pretty, as for the first 4 and a half months of operations, PGG recorded 400m PLN of loss: 250m after first 2 moths and 150m in further 1.5 month.

In the meantime, Katowicki Holding Weglowy decided to follow PGG with their internet-sales offer. In the first two weeks company sold that way almost 500 Mt of coal, which gives 50 Mt of sized coal per day.

Makoszowy mine, that was listed for public tender till 30th September, received only ONE offer. Disappointing for the local labor unions, it did not came from PGE.

Ukrainian DTEK increases coal import from Poland by 100%, but despite many hopes it is still only 100k Mt in total. As a main importers remains Russia, US and Australia.