In 2016 Polish coal mining industry produced 70.4m Mt of hard coal, which means the total production went down by 1.8m Mt YOY. Meanwhile sales went up by 2,7m Mt YOY and in total reached the level of 73.1m Mt.

Production of steam coal was lower by 3.4% (59.6m Mt), but coking coal production increased by 1.7% (to 13.5m Mt). In first half of 2016 total production of hard coal was lower than in second – 34.3m Mt in H1 against 36.1m Mt in H2 (increased by almost 12%).

Average recorded price of hard coal in 2016 was 232.51 PLN/Mt: steam coal – 214.35 PLN/Mt (drop by 9.2% YOY) and coking coal – 311.79 PLN/Mt (decreased by 18.1% YOY).