Polish Ministry of Energy 1:0 EDF. After a long battle, French company decided to allow Polish companies (Enea, Energa, PGE and PGNiG TERMIKA) to make their offer, next to Australian IMF Investors (heat plants) and Czech EPH (Rybnik power plant). Is this the end of PG Silesia, for which Rybnik power plant was supposed to be manna from heaven?

Only one million tons of coal is now stocked on piles. The emerging problem of large coal reserves is now turning upside down – some are concerned if soon we will suffer from undersupply. Some companies (coal consumers) already experienced disruptions with fuel deliveries.

Grzegorz Tobiszowski will present European Commission with his plan of moving Katowicki Holding Weglowy to Polska Grupa Gornicza. In February PGG officials will take the same direction to show EC the business plan for this merger. Why no one from KHW was invited to visit Brussels? Rumors are, that both KHW’s Management Board and the miners are furious and demands that ME will go back to its former plan (Polski Holding Weglowy).