Dawid Salamądry

contFounder and former Editor of Polishcoaldaily.com

Professionally tied to energy and mining industry with advisory experience since 2012. Worked as Head of Marketing and Business Development for reporting agency Polcoaldex Sp. z o.o., later promoted for Managing Director of the company. After that hired by WSE InfoEngine S.A. (Warsaw Stock Exchange capital group) as Board Representative for Coal Market. Recently employed by energy advisory company Energomix Sp. z o.o., where he held position of Market Analysis Dept. Director, leading the team of analytics and developing the Department, including acquiring accounts.

Graduated from Law and Administration Faculty at University of Gdansk (specializes in criminal law, masters degree), later received economic education at Faculty of Management and Economics of Gdansk University of Technology, where he defended his 2nd master dissertation on local and international coal trade and price setting on energy resources.

Hired by consulting (i.a. TPA Group/Baker Tilly International) and law firms (i.a. White&Case) for external advisory and expertise. Expert witness during arbitration in ADRs between companies from mining and energy sector. Commodity broker and an analyst. An advisor to the Parliamentary Commission for Mining and Energy. Former member of Centre of Analysis of the Jagiellonian Club, currently cooperating with Renewable Energy Market Association (REO). Member of Polish Journalist Association and a columnist in Trybuna Górnicza and Biuletyn Górniczy.